Neuroaesthetics is a new discipline that explores the neural correlates of cognitive and emotional processes triggered by the observation of artworks or aesthetic objects (Vernet, 2016; Kapoula and Vernet, 2016a). We conducted several studies questioning how the space in artwork impacts our body’s physiology
. We observed that the quality of eye movements control in direction and depth and the quality of postural balance are challenged by the exploration of paintings or sculptures playing with 3D space, perspective, alignment and movement (Kapoula et al., 2009, 2014, 2015).

In addition to studying the effect of the art on the brain, we are interested how the brain could give birth to art, in other words, in exploring the substrate of creativity. A recent study showed that in dyslexic children and teenagers, higher creativity can be revealed under specific educational approaches (Kapoula et al., 2016; Kapoula and Vernet, 2016b).

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