Vernet Lab Action, Thought and Perception


Interhemispheric and intrahemispheric connectivity from the left pars opercularis within the language network is modulated by transcranial stimulation in healthy subjects
Yoo Woo-kyoung, Vernet Marine, Kim Jung-hoon, Brem Anna-katharine, Bashir Shahid, Ifert-miller Fritz, Im Chang-hwan, Eldaief Mark, Pascual-leone Alvaro
From visual awareness to consciousness without sensory input: the role of spontaneous brain activity
Vernet Marine, Quentin Romain, Japee Shruti, Ungerleider Leslie G.
Visuospatial neglect – a theory-informed overview of current and emerging strategies and a systematic review on the therapeutic use of non-invasive brain stimulation
Zebhauser Paul Theo, Vernet Marine, Unterburger Evelyn, Brem Anna-katharine
Entrainment of local synchrony reveals a causal role for high-beta right frontal oscillations in human visual consciousness
Vernet Marine, Stengel Chloé, Quentin Romain, Amengual Julià L., Valero-cabré Antoni

Scientific Reports (2019)  

Endogenous visuospatial attention increases visual awareness independent of visual discrimination sensitivity
Vernet Marine, Japee Shruti, Lokey Savannah, Ahmed Sara, Zachariou Valentinos, Ungerleider Leslie G.

Neuropsychologia (2019)  

Pre-stimulus theta power is correlated with variation of motor evoked potential latency: a single-pulse tms study
İşcan Zafer, Schurger Aaron, Vernet Marine, Sitt Jacobo D., Valero-cabré Antoni
Postural and emotional impact of carsten höller’s artwork “light corner”
Vernet M., Morize A., Kapoula Z.


Local entrainment of oscillatory activity induced by direct brain stimulation in humans
Amengual Julià L., Vernet Marine, Adam Claude, Valero-cabré Antoni

Scientific Reports (2017)  

Characterizing and modulating brain circuitry through transcranial magnetic stimulation combined with electroencephalography
Farzan Faranak, Vernet Marine, Shafi Mouhsin M. D., Rotenberg Alexander, Daskalakis Zafiris J., Pascual-leone Alvaro
Education influences creativity in dyslexic and non-dyslexic children and teenagers
Kapoula Zoï, Ruiz Sarah, Spector Lisa, Mocorovi Marion, Gaertner Chrystal, Quilici Catherine, Vernet Marine

Plos One (2016)  

Enhanced motor function and its neurophysiological correlates after navigated low-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation over the contralesional motor cortex in stroke
Bashir Shahid, Vernet Marine, Najib Umer, Perez Jennifer, Alonso-alonso Miguel, Knobel Mark, Yoo Woo-kyoung, Edwards Dylan, Pascual-leone Alvaro
Direct current stimulation over the anterior temporal areas boosts semantic processing in primary progressive aphasia
Teichmann Marc, Lesoil Constance, Godard Juliette, Vernet Marine, Bertrand Anne, Levy Richard, Dubois Bruno, Lemoine Laurie, Truong Dennis Q., Bikson Marom, Kas Aurélie, Valero-cabré Antoni

Annals Of Neurology (2016)  

Visual contrast sensitivity improvement by right frontal high-beta activity is mediated by contrast gain mechanisms and influenced by fronto-parietal white matter microstructure
Quentin Romain, Elkin Frankston Seth, Vernet Marine, Toba Monica N., Bartolomeo Paolo, Chanes Lorena, Valero-cabré Antoni
Aesthetics and neuroscience, scientific and artistic perspectives
Kapoula Z., Vernet M.


Dyslexia, education and creativity, a cross-cultural study
Kapoula Z., Vernet M.


How art and neuroscience fell for each other
Vernet M.


Physiological consequences of abnormal connectivity in a developmental epilepsy
Shafi Mouhsin M., Vernet Marine, Klooster Debby, Chu Catherine J., Boric Katica, Barnard Mollie E., Romatoski Kelsey, Westover M. Brandon, Christodoulou Joanna A., Gabrieli John D. E., Whitfield-gabrieli Susan, Pascual-leone Alvaro, Chang Bernard S.

Annals Of Neurology (2015)  

Fronto-parietal anatomical connections influence the modulation of conscious visual perception by high-beta frontal oscillatory activity
Quentin Romain, Chanes Lorena, Vernet Marine, Valero-cabré Antoni
Theta burst stimulation to characterize changes in brain plasticity following mild traumatic brain injury: a proof-of-principle study
Tremblay Sara, Vernet Marine, Bashir Shahid, Pascual-leone Alvaro, Théoret Hugo
Frontal eye field, where art thou? anatomy, function, and non-invasive manipulation of frontal regions involved in eye movements and associated cognitive operations
Vernet Marine, Quentin Romain, Chanes Lorena, Mitsumasu Andres, Valero-cabré Antoni
Visiting richard serra’s “promenade” sculpture improves postural control and judgment of subjective visual vertical
Kapoula Zoï, Lang Alexandre, Lê Thanh-thuan, Adenis Marie-sarah, Yang Qing, Lipede Gabi, Vernet Marine
Differential effects of motor cortical excitability and plasticity in young and old individuals: a transcranial magnetic stimulation (tms) study
Bashir Shahid, Perez Jennifer M., Horvath Jared C., Pena-gomez Cleofe, Vernet Marine, Capia Anuhya, Alonso-alonso Miguel, Pascual-leone Alvaro
Electroencephalography during transcranial magnetic stimulation: current modus operandi
Vernet M., Thut G.


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Differential auditory-oculomotor interactions in patients with right vs. left sided subjective tinnitus: a saccade study
Lang Alexandre, Vernet Marine, Yang Qing, Orssaud Christophe, Londero Alain, Kapoula Zoï
Insights on the neural basis of motor plasticity induced by theta burst stimulation from tms-eeg
Vernet Marine, Bashir Shahid, Yoo Woo-kyoung, Perez Jennifer M., Najib Umer, Pascual-leone Alvaro
Anterior disconnection syndrome revisited using modern technologies
Pereira Ana C., Schomer Andrew, Feng Wuwei, Najib Umer, Yoo Woo-kyoung, Vernet Marine, Alexander Michael P., Caplan Louis R., Pascual-leone Alvaro

Neurology (2012)  

Electrophysiologic techniques
Vernet M., Bashir S., Enam S. F., Kumru H., Pascual-leone A.


Characterizing brain cortical plasticity and network dynamics across the age-span in health and disease with tms-eeg and tms-fmri
Pascual-leone Alvaro, Freitas Catarina, Oberman Lindsay, Horvath Jared C., Halko Mark, Eldaief Mark, Bashir Shahid, Vernet Marine, Shafi Mouhshin, Westover Brandon, Vahabzadeh-hagh Andrew M., Rotenberg Alexander

Brain Topography (2011)  

Medio-lateral postural instability in subjects with tinnitus
Kapoula Zoi, Yang Qing, Lê Thanh-thuan, Vernet Marine, Berbey Nolwenn, Orssaud Christophe, Londero Alain, Bonfils Pierre
Changes in cortical plasticity across the lifespan
Freitas Catarina, Perez Jennifer, Knobel Mark, Tormos Jose M., Oberman Lindsay, Eldaief Mark, Bashir Shahid, Vernet Marine, Peña-gómez Cleofé, Pascual-leone Alvaro
Central crosstalk for somatic tinnitus: abnormal vergence eye movements
Yang Qing, Vernet Marine, Orssaud Christophe, Bonfils Pierre, Londero Alain, Kapoula Zoi

Plos One (2010)  

Eye movement abnormalities in somatic tinnitus: fixation, smooth pursuit and optokinetic nystagmus
Kapoula Z., Yang Q., Vernet M., Bonfils P., Londero A.

Auris Nasus Larynx (2010)  

Spread deficits in initiation, speed and accuracy of horizontal and vertical automatic saccades in dementia with lewy bodies
Kapoula Zoi, Yang Qing, Vernet Marine, Dieudonné Benedicte, Greffard Sandrine, Verny Marc
[preservation of automatic ocular saccades in healthy elderly: alteration in patients with dementia with lewy body]
Kapoula Zoi, Yang Qing, Vernet Marine, Orssaud Christophe, Samson Michel, Dieudonné Bénédicte, Greffard Sandrine, Verny Marc
Binocular coordination during smooth pursuit in dyslexia: a multiple case study.
Yang Q., Vernet M., Bucci M.p., Kapoula Z.

J Eye Mov Res (2010)  

Switching between gap and overlap pro-saccades: cost or benefit?
Vernet Marine, Yang Qing, Gruselle Marie, Trams Mareike, Kapoula Zoï

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Normal speed and accuracy of saccade and vergence eye movements in dyslexic reader children
Bucci Maria Pia, Vernet Marine, Gerard Christophe-loïc, Kapoula Zoï
Binocular motor coordination during saccades and fixations while reading: a magnitude and time analysis
Vernet Marine, Kapoula Zoï

Journal Of Vision (2009)  

Eye movements and pictorial space perception: studies of paintings from francis bacon and piero della francesca.
Kapoula Z., Bucci M. P., Yang Q., Vernet M.

Cognitive Semiotics (2009)  

tms of the posterior parietal cortex delays the latency of unpredictable saccades but not when they are combined with predictable divergence
Vernet Marine, Yang Qing, Daunys Gintautas, Orssaud Christophe, Kapoula Zoï
How the brain obeys hering’s law: a tms study of the posterior parietal cortex
Vernet Marine, Yang Qing, Daunys Gintautas, Orssaud Christophe, Eggert Thomas, Kapoula Zoï
Binocular coordination of saccades: development, aging and cerebral substrate
Kapoula Z., Vernet M., Yang Q., Bucci M. P.
Detecting fluorescent protein expression and co-localisation on single secretory vesicles with linear spectral unmixing
Nadrigny F., Rivals I., Hirrlinger P. G., Koulakoff A., Personnaz L., Vernet M., Allioux M., Chaumeil M., Ropert N., Giaume C., Kirchhoff F., Oheim M.

Eur Biophys J (2006)